Areas where we provide expertise:

•Applied Entomology – pest management in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Public Health, Home and Garden
•Semiochemicals – pheromones attractants and repellents, their synthesis, controlled release and field application
•Plant protection- biopesticides including those based on viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and semiochemicals
•Plant nutrition – micronutrients, biostimulants
•Through our links with UK Universities we can provide services in chemical analysis, compound identifications, controlled release studies using conventional and biodegradable polymers
•Small scale prototype manufacture of controlled release dispensers

The types of consultancies we provide:
•Technology evaluations
•Product portfolio evaluations
•Route to market evaluations
•Market evaluations
•New market opportunities
•Regulatory strategies
•Business plan preparation
•Project proposal evaluations
•Post evaluations of completed projects
•Technical advisory boards for UK and International projects
•Training courses in semiochemicals, biopesticides and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
•Organisation and supervision of field trials in Europe